Kim Ann Foxman launches her own record label Firehouse in association with London based music and arts label, The Vinyl Factory, inspired by her New York residence.


The first signing to Kim Ann Foxman’s trailblazing Firehouse imprint is a dancefloor-shredding hi-energy house track that’s been going down a storm at clubs from Ibiza to San Francisco this summer, created by Sankey’s resident DJ Jozef K and producer Winter Son aka Thomas Ragsdale featuring singer Flora Cruz.


Side A
Original Mix
Side B
Kim Ann Foxman Remix

Says Jozef K + Winter Son: “We really to make something hypnotic and starting making the piano swirl around, locking it in with the percussion. It was all done in pretty much one take and we just went with the track's momentum. It's dedicated to the nights we've spent with Sankeys' Tribal Sessions across the globe, and to everyone who's spent time on the dancefloor there.”

The latest addition to Firehouse Recordings sees Kim Ann Foxman realigning her vision as a producer. 'It’s You That Drives Me Wild' hosts three new tracks full of raw energy and dextrous percussion and a remix from Maya Jane Coles.


Side A
It's You That Drives Me Wild (Extended)
Give It All You Got (Original)
Side B
It's You That Drives Me Wild (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
Magic Window (Original)

Kim Ann Foxman returns to the start of her solo career for the latest release on her unstoppable Firehouse imprint, giving her classic track 'Creature' its first ever vinyl release backed with remixes by fellow New Yorkers a/jus/ted (aka Justin Strauss and Teddy Stuart), renowned Italian disco DJ and Nick Simoncino and Kim Ann herself.


Side A
Original mix
KAF remix
Nick Simoncino remix
Side B
a/jus/ted vocal mix
a/jus/ted dub

After a critically acclaimed first release Kim Ann Foxman returns to her Firehouse imprint, inspired by her New York home with three more original tracks and two remixes from fellow New Yorker Eli Escobar.


Side A
1. Open The House
2. Open The House (Eli Escobar Super New Yorky remix)
Side B
3. The Lady is A Vamp
4. Eye See Me
5. Open The House (Eli’s DJ tool mix)

Kim Ann Foxman launches her own record label Firehouse in association with The Vinyl Factory, inspired by her New York residence.

“Early this year I moved into an amazing space in Brooklyn, it is an old firehouse. It is my base where my friends come over and I have a studio.”

Kim Ann Foxman - Creature (Kim Ann Foxman Remix)

Kim Ann Foxman's debut solo release 'Creature' gets firs ever vinyl release with a raft of remixes from a/jus/ted, Nick Simoncino and Richy Ahmed.


Kim Ann Foxman has now gone full circle. She’s stepped away from singing with New York’s neo-disco collective Hercules and Love Affair to return to her fundamental passions: rocking clubs as a DJ and producing raw electronic music. Channeling such a revived focus she’s also unleashing a brand new record label – Firehouse.

“Early this year I moved into an amazing space in Brooklyn, it is an old firehouse. It is my base. My friends come over and I have a studio there now. I found the name ‘Firehouse’ very suggestive. I want to represent New York, represent its flavour and be a part of the music history that is so abundant here.”

She’s on the prowl for the freshest tracks:

“I will embrace music that I feel. It’s gotta have vibes! It’s gotta have passion! It’s gotta have heart!’ she proclaims with a smile.”

Over the last two years she has been incubating and writing furtively. But having recently remixed (amongst others) The xx, and also collaborated with Maya Jane Coles, and Nick Anthony Simoncino's alias Ron Jason, 2014 is now is the perfect time for Foxman to unfurl into her own space.

“I’ve been having a lot of fun by making the production more about the process and events than ever before. I’ve not been afraid to get really weird and experimental which has made things really exciting, and it keeps things fresh. I’m creating my own samples and putting a lot of care into it, creating special moments, creating my own adventures ”

This is a girl ready to put New York back on the dance map with a vivacious approach to producing and sharing music. “I’m physically having so much fun making music. I want my label to represent music that isn’t linear boring shit. Firehouse will be super-dynamic, gorgeous and weird.”

Guardians of credibility and creativity such as Kim Ann Foxman need to be protected and propelled. She is a rare visionary who yearns to celebrate the golden era of authentic dance music whilst feeding from her fluid understanding of its imminent and intriguing future.